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FCA Ultra Volleyball CLUB

How is FCA Ultra different?

  • We will focus on a player’s faith AND their volleyball skills throughout their time with us!

What does this difference look like?

- Prayer to start and end practice 

- 5-10 minutes devotion at each practice 

- Offer prayer with the opposing team after game ends 

- Bibles given to each player

- Praise & Worship nights offered

- Optional Bible Study offered for parents at the same time as practice times 

- Opportunities to be involved in community outreach/service

- Opportunities for mission work 

- Scholarship opportunities for families 

- “church days” & major holidays (Sunday, Easter, Xmas) will be avoided as possible 

- Coaches are believers AND knowledgeable about the sport 

Our Mission

FCA Ultra Volleyball Club: Empowering Athletes for Life and Sport

FCA Ultra Volleyball Club stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of volleyball, combining athletic prowess with spiritual development. Founded on the principles of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), this remarkable organization aims to impact the lives of young athletes positively. By fostering an environment of sportsmanship, character development, and spiritual growth, FCA Ultra Volleyball Club endeavors to produce well-rounded individuals both on and off the court.

Sportsmanship and Skill Development:
At the core of FCA Ultra Volleyball Club's mission is the cultivation of sportsmanship and competitive excellence. Through expert coaching and rigorous training programs, athletes are honed to achieve their full potential on the volleyball court. The club emphasizes teamwork, fair play, and mutual respect, promoting an atmosphere where individuals thrive while upholding the highest standards of conduct.

Character Development:
More than just a sports club, FCA Ultra Volleyball recognizes the profound impact of athletics on character development. The organization aims to instill values such as discipline, perseverance, and humility in each player, equipping them with life skills that transcend the boundaries of the game. By fostering strong character traits, FCA Ultra Volleyball Club empowers its athletes to become leaders both in the sporting arena and in their communities.

Spiritual Growth:
Central to the mission of FCA Ultra Volleyball Club is the integration of faith and athletics. The club provides a platform for athletes to explore their spirituality and develop a deeper relationship with their faith. Through voluntary prayer circles, devotionals, and mentorship programs, the organization encourages athletes to embrace their spiritual journey while navigating the challenges of competitive sports.

Community and Impact:
Beyond the court, FCA Ultra Volleyball Club nurtures a strong sense of community and camaraderie. Athletes, coaches, and families come together as a tight-knit unit, supporting each other through triumphs and tribulations. This sense of unity extends to the broader community, as the club actively engages in outreach and philanthropic activities, spreading the message of compassion and service.

In conclusion, FCA Ultra Volleyball Club serves as an exemplar in the realm of youth sports. By fostering sportsmanship, character development, and spiritual growth, the organization creates an environment where athletes not only excel in the game but also grow as individuals. With its unwavering commitment to values and community, FCA Ultra Volleyball Club stands resolute in its mission to empower athletes for life and sport, leaving an indelible impact on the hearts and minds of those it touches.

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